Weapons for hunting bear

Mankind has used weapons since ancient times.
Первобытная охота
The first weapons were stick and stone. From the outset, the main purpose of the weapons were primarily hunting, and then – for protection against predators. ? But then the weapons were used to attack and defense? people.
In today’s world has become very complex weapon technically. ?? Weapons mainly uses army and police / militia. Storage and use of weapons by civilians in modern countries is strictly controlled by legislation!
For bear hunting, we can offer the following types of weapons.

SVD “Tiger” 7.62 * 54mm


Self-loading hunting SVD «Tiger” is based on a famous Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD).  SVD «Tiger” is designed for shooting medium and large animals in different climatic conditions.

In a carbine used are the same as in the SVD rifle cartridges. They are hunting for the option labeled 7.62 X 54R.  SVD «Tiger” is characterized by high accuracy of fire, unpretentious and easy to use, relatively easy.

Its total length is 1200 mm, weight unloaded – 3.9 kg. Carabiner allows you to fire at the beast with optical or open sights.


SVD “Tiger” are the following versions cartridges:


“Tiger” caliber 7,62 x54R;



«CZ»  9.3*62мм


Barrel CZ550 all models manufactured by cold rotary forging with four right rifling. Depending on its length is 520, 600, 610, 635, 650, 660 mm, and is considered a standard length of 600 mm.
CZ 550 MEDIUM LUX kal.300 WINMAG – rifled hunting rifle with turning the sliding bolt (bolt-action) from the company (CZ, Ceska Zbroyovka).
The rifle is intended for hunting medium and long range on average and big game, depending on the caliber.


  • Caliber: 9,3 x62
  • Barrel length: 600 mm
  • Length: 1135 mm
  • Shop: 4 removable cartridge
  • weight: 3.3 kg


Barreled gun IZH-27


IZH-27 weapon for hunting big game, providing reliable engagement on most typical forest hunting distances – up to 100 – 150 meters.

Specifications modern IZH-27

  •   Калибр – 12х76
  •  Barrel length – 660, 725 and 750 mm
  •  Длина патронников — 76 мм
  • Chokes (standard)
  • lower barrel 0.5mm choke;
  • top barrel 1.0 mm choke
  •  Weight – no more than 3.6 kg, depending on the length and weight of the box trunks.