Objects of sport hunting

Objects of sport hunting in the region are: brown bear / elk / capercaillie / wolf / trot / wolverine / fox

Kamchatka BROWN BEAR

медведь с прицелом

Hunting on the Kamchatka brown bear is open twice a year in spring and autumn.

мишкаAutumn filled with such an abundance of Kamchatka contrasts that my head is spinning . Green crown thinned bright yellow leaves , they interspersed red bunches of rowan and black hawthorn . Emerald grass underfoot , orange hills away already , and beyond them shine with the first snow -capped volcanoes . Autumn – time for harvest. Autumn harvest is rich in flavor and color. In all this diversity and walks slowly, fattens the winter fat world’s largest brown bear Kamchatka . Its size reaches 3 meters and weight of some , this time of year is coming to a ton . Kamchatka – is bearish kingdom : its brown “population” of more than 11,000 individuals ! Perhaps nowhere in the world does not remain such protected bearish corners like this.



Kamchatka brown bear is widespread in the territory poluostrova.Eto largest land predator. Weight of mature fish reaches 600 kg, length – 254 cm Color fur from light brown to almost black.

Over the summer, the bear has gained strength and autumn it is the most agile and fast. Therefore autumn hunting on it – a serious test for you!

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Group of hunters accompanied by an interpreter, and attached to each hunter ranger qualified conductor, so no danger of you not in danger!


Attention! Bear hunting is allowed strictly under license number is limited up to 100 licenses in one year. You have a unique opportunity to take part in this unforgettable hunting with lots of trophies, entertainment and adventure.


Autumn bear hunting

Autumn hunting is carried out mainly on the spawning grounds, feeding grounds in berries, pine cones. To move across the lands used boats, SUVs, ATVs. Hunting on the spawning grounds. Be a good time for hunting from August 20. Hunting period: 20 August – 15 October. Temperature during this time of year ranges from 0 (night) to 20 (day) Celsius.

Individual types of hunting:

  • with the approach to the beast
  • field feeding bears

Первый способ – с подхода


Hunters moving through hunting areas , are using binoculars or visually feeding or making transitions bears on the tundra. This time of year bears the least careful and can be approached quite close . Next hunter and gamekeeper approach to bear on the firing range – less than 100m. Approaching , they occupy a comfortable position for firing ( better stop) . Then you need to wait to bear left into the open , to the hunter managed to shoot at least two – three times if the animal does not fall after the first. Huntsman usually insures hunter with his arms to keep aspiring to leave the beast . This condition is always negotiated with the hunter before hunting. If the hunter does not want to help the huntsman , the search of a wounded animal at an additional charge. The price for this is determined by the quality of the hunting grounds . The presence of severe natural conditions , rangers have the right to give up the search of a wounded animal , to avoid accidents . If over the next two days a wounded bear is not found and not finished off , according to the law on hunting , acting in the Kamchatka region , the license is closed and the tour is paid in full.

The second method- on the spawning salmon.

During autumn salmon spawning runs of various kinds, which bears eat in large quantities. Before season hunting huntsman prepared groundbait several sites where the fish is laid and starts walking to feed the bear . Usually beast visits such places in the evening and night . On a hunt hunter and gamekeeper arrive until 5 pm and choose a place of ambush as possible on a hill for a better view . On the spawning grounds , everything happens in the same way . Must sit very quiet, no talking, no smoking. When the bear and his trophy quality assessment – after the team produces hunter huntsman shot. During night hunting is very important to get exactly the beast , as the second shot opportunities , likely will not be. Huntsman also insures hunter with his gun. At night, use powerful lights or night vision sights .

Prices for the tour upon request.



                Skin                                       Skull                                    Meat

шкурачерепКопия My first bear 2005

Meat (provided that the bear was not sick Trihomonelezom-Trichomonas)

Making veterinary certificates and other documents, our company takes!

Trophies (skin, skull) are processed and preserved by all the rules of an experienced technician.

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In order that you would in the future could make at home stuffed bear or a beautiful carpet.

Packaging trophies made ​​before shipment.