Hunting camp


In hunting camp guests (hunters) are placed in cottages or lodges (depending on the season and the hunting place) ..

In the central camp has Electricity (220v)-lighting at night. Satellite TV (50 channels), telephone and internet.


холл камин                

In the lobby you can sit with a group of hunters, hunting discuss upcoming plans or share impressions about the hunt.

At this point, you will be pleased to sit and reminisce and think about the present, plan your future, have a cup of coffee or a glass of whiskey, a cigar. Tell your family and friends about their experiences.

Drinks bar


Behind the counter of our bar you will have fun, drink with friends on the hunt and share their joys and experiences of Kamchatka.


In hunting camp has a kitchen, restaurant, bar, billiard room. Russian professional chef will prepare for you a traditional Russian breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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