Fishing tour program

Fishing tour program is designed for 8-10 days in the Kamchatka Peninsula, including 7 days of active fishing.

Group size – up to 10 people (but not less than 6).


Day 1 – Meeting at the airport Elizovo. Helicopter transfer to the fishing, to the camp. In case of bad weather, hotel accommodation in 1 or 2-bed rooms;
Days 2-9 – Fishing;
Day 10 – Helicopter service to the airport;








Field camp

Field camp for fishermen located on the shore of one of the most picturesque rivers of Kamchatka. In the field, we provide our guests in heated tents for 2-3 people, or in the cabins. Delivery is carried out by helicopter. Field camp is equipped with a separate kitchen, dining room, bathroom, shower.

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Food is cooked on a wood stove qualified povarom.Pitanie 3 meals, traditional Russian cuisine.

The camp is a translator, a worker, to a group of 2-3 fisherman attaches an experienced guide.



Salmon fishing in Kamchatka is permitted only under license. Fishing is carried out on a “catch and release”, ie all fish caught in the river discharged alive with the utmost care when it is released. In the fishing gear used hooks without barbs.

All movements are carried out on the river on a rubber boat with an outboard motor. For the night all the fishermen return with the camp.