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Our site contains relevant information about Kamchatka, tourist resources and tourist infrastructure for those who have already visited our peninsula as a tourist or just intend to make an interesting and pleasant journey about Kamchatka.
Kamchatka is a unique in its beauty place created by nature. This is the country where more than 1000 volcanoes and 30 of them are active (among them is the highest volcano of Eurasia Klyuchevskaya Hill -4750 m), a lot of geysers, hot springs. At guests service interesting tourist routs, hiking, helicopter excursions, sea trips, fishing and hunting. Kamchatka attracts those who love wilderness and adventure, ecological, ethnographic and extreme tourism, rafting and mountaineering from volcanoes.
We take pride in fact that we have and that we have a lot of places to show to our guests.
We invite anyone who wishes to visit Kamchatka and see for yourself its beauties and sightseeing’s.

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The Kamchatka tourism compa¬nies offer short (3-5 days) and long (1-3 weeks) hiking routes along south and central part of Kamchatka with professional and reliable guides.

Hiking routes are possible from the end of June. At this time the weather is rather warm and steady. +15 +22 C day time and +5 +12 C night time, but be ready to meet a lot of mosquitoes.

Kamchatka has a long tradition of moun¬taineering and climbing. These sports draw interest not only of Russian tourists, but also of foreign visitors. Nearly the whole territory is covered with mountain peaks suitable for climbing, beginning with Avachinsky, Koryaksky, and Kozelsky Volcanoes and including the highest in Eurasia Kluchevskoy Volcano. This giant’s elevation is 4835 m and it is located in the northern part of the Kamchatka Region. Mountain resources of Kamchatka may satisfy any requirements of representatives of this kind of tourism, from amateurs and to ex¬perienced rock-climbers. Itineraries are varied and take one through many picturesque and unusual places.

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Kamchatka is laced with an intensive net­work of rivers flowing from mountains to valley plains creating a tremendous output of water energy through contrasting landscapes, and waterfalls, with rivers rich in fish and rapids.

With so many rivers, the possibilities for rafting are nearly endless. One can find routes of any level of difficulty on Kamchatka’s rivers. Rafting is a great way to try sport fishing. Many tourism companies offer both rafting and rafting with fishing on the following rivers: Bystraya, Opala, Kamchatka, Avacha, Kirganik, Plotnikova, ets.



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It is known that Avacha Bay is the biggest in the world. You will be conquered by its beauty, you can’t help falling in love with it at first sight.

Kamchatka, with its rich maritime heritage and bordered by the Pacific Ocean offers many opportunities for sailing, boating and diving. Kamchatka’s maritime treasures include picturesque coasts, bays and gulfs with reach animal populations, countless seabird colonies, fishing and hunting. Cruisers along Avacha Bay are very popular among locals and guests of Kamchatka, who can watch sea-lions and sea bears rookery.



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You can feel the power of the pristine nature, explore the land of volcanoes, geysers and exotic views with the exciting jeep-tours about Kamchatka.

You will enjoy the hidden and heavy-going places such as: “Tree brothers” rocks, Malki, the caves of the Gorely Volcano, hot springs and the Kozelsky Volcano thanks to the efficient guide – drivers. Jeep-tours are available from June to October

The length of Kamchatka’s auto tracks is not too great, the longest one is from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to Ust-Kamchatsk (700 kilometers) but those who are fond of extreme trips and ready to pull a lifter winch and dig out a car got stuck in mud can enjoy the wilderness of the peninsula nature.



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Farmers call these vehicles mini-tractors, the hunters getting out of the forest wilds with good prey call them cross-country vehicles. They are known in the world as ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles, in Russia people call them “quadrocycles”.

Mountainous landscape of Kamchatka, its boundless and vast valleys are ready to meet amateur racers. ATV safari are held from the beginning of June till October in Kamchatka. You are proposed to visit various fascinating hard-to-reach routes: tangles of alderwood, marshes, water barriers. Resilient amateur racers can sense the power and greatness of virgin nature.
Experienced guides will explain all the driving details and then you can drive on your own or together with the guide.

1) To the foot of Avachinskiy volcano;
2) To the foot of Monakh (“Monk”) mountain;
3) To “Rodnik” (“Spring”) on the territory of ski-base “Lesnaya”;
4) To Lake “Vorobishkino”;
5) Combined tours.



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Kamchatka offers its exotic underwater world for divers. The vivid colors and diverse life forms of our northern waters equals to those of the tropic seas.

To dive in the severe climate of Kamchatka one must have a Diving Association certificate.
Tour firms offer various places for diving – Starichkov island, Tri brata rocks (Three brothers), cape Opasniy… There is a large choice of diving places that can satisfy any demand. If you don’t believe you can try diving with sea lions near cape Kekurnyi and you will be incredibly delighted.



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Kayaking at Kamchatka is an exotic of extreme.
Water, rage of mountain rivers, flying rush of rocky shores, roar of rapids and heady feeling of velocity – this is kayaking.

Storms and bad weather; huge waves impeding to smash you against coastal rocks and unbounded open water; fast mountain rivers and numerous crater lakes; majestic volcanoes reminding you about the power of element, and black sand – this is kayaking at Kamchatka – a relaxation for the amateurs of Extreme.

“KamchatKAyaking Club” is the only one organization in Kamchatka, joining professional kayakers which work together to make your trip really safety and unforgettable.
It’s the all-the-year-round School of Kayaking, collaboration with world leading producers of see and river equipment, exchange of experience with russian and foreign experts in kayaking.
It’s the team of professional guides, continuously working at educating and challenging their selves to higher levels in yearly expeditions at Kamchatka and in other regions. All our instructors have great skills in ethnography, biology, geography, history, ecology. They’ll be happy to share their knowledge with you!

We are dedicated to providing the best adventures possible using high quality equipment, precise planning and pre-trip logistics research and most importantly, by providing knowledgeable, mature, professional sea and river kayak guides that take a keen interest in your safety and enjoyment!
To the very amateurs of adventure, extreme and ecotourism we propose enjoying the beauty of Kamchatka views in a unique kayak trip at Kamchatka.
Our programs include the sea kayaking, the sight-seeing, different excursions and contact with local culture, customs. We have programs for all levels of skills!




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Heliskiing is off-trail, downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter, not a ski lift. Heliskiing is essentially about skiing in a natural—albeit highly selected—environment without the effort or gear compromise required for hiking into these areas as in ski touring or ski mountaineering.

Helicopter takes you to any Kamchatka volcano and leave there. Breathtaking view, snow and steep descent – one cannot even dream of it. As far as you have reached the volcano foot the helicopter is ready to take you to a new peak. Before each flight you take course of accident prevention, you must follow the instructions.The presence of the guide and machine offer some protection against the risks and discomforts unavoidably associated with entering this mountainous environment, allowing skiers with little or no mountain sense to enjoy a wild environment. Do not be afraid of avalanches since it is the primary safety concern of heliskiing operators.
Heli-Ski zones:

  • Barhatnaya Hill and the Viluchinsky volcano area (the Viluchinsky volcano 2170, slopes 1200-2000m., runs end near the coastal area of the Pacific Ocean);
  • The Mutnovsy volcano 2323 (descents to the crater, descents from the crater outer side);
  • Verhneavachinskoye Lake area 1100-1800m and the Bakening volcano 2270m;
  • The Avacha group volcanoes (Avachinsky 2740m, Aag 2300m, Arik, Koryaksky 3456m);
  • The Zhupanovsky 2900m.



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Kamchatka’s six month long snowy winter and high mountains provide unlimited possibilities for skiers and snowboarders.

Heliskiing and heli-snowboarding are favorite spring sports for those who can afford helicopter lifts. The most popular and accessible volcanoes for skiers and snowboarders are Avachinsky (from the mark 2200), Viluchinsky (2173 m), Zhupanovsky (2900 m) and Kozelsky (2189 m).



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Snowmobiling has dramatically increased in popularity as a winter sport on Kamchatka. Kamchatka’s vast territory and long winter provide unlimited possibilities for those who love to travel by “iron dogs”.

Snowmobiling has dramatically increased in popularity as a winter sport in Kamchatka.
Snow, speed and adrenalin – this is a short characteristic of a snowmobile tour.
Tourists can sit in a sledge following a snowmobile as well as drive such a mighty machine themselves. Driving a snowmobile is easier than driving a car. You drive a snowmobile and there is nothing around you but majestic nature. Snowmobile tour is the best variant for those who like breathtaking speed and do not like physical work.
Tour firms offer snowmobile tours and excursions to Avacha volcano, hot mineral springs, waterfalls, Nalychevo Nature park and other interesting places.



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Dogsled transport is an ancient tradition for the aboriginal people of Kamchatka.

Dogs used to be the main transportation means in Kamchatka. But nowadays dogsleds are an exotic attraction. Tourists can visit sled dog nurseries, they have an opportunity to try themselves as dogteam drivers, to have a short-distance or even long-distance dogsled racing, including racing to the foot of Avacha Volcano and to the central part of Nalychevo Nature park, to reindeer herds.
Every year since 1990 in March a traditional long-distance dogsled racing “Beringia” is held in Kamchatka. It is known all over the world and was enlisted into the Guinness Record book as the longest one. For twenty years Beringia has been performing sports as well as cultural, humanitarian and ethnographic mission. Participation in Beringia allows people to visit many unusual places, get acquainted with national traditions and ceremonies, take part in the festive events.